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Founder's Greeting

Hello friends,
Il Yeon Kwon here. I'm the CEO of Hmart.
And for over 40 years, Hmart has worked its best to provide quality Korean food and service to communities throughout the U.S. We believe the excellence of our products, encourage our fellow Koreans to have profound pride and dignity in the magnificent culture of our motherland, South Korea.

We have always supported the development of new communities with each Grand Opening. In doing so, we continue to do our best to establish ourselves as a company that reaches out with a helping hand. As we expand, we like to think that we are reinventing the way people eat through our robust and unique food culture that also promotes a rich and healthy lifestyle to all. Our food is our pride, and through its quality we will do our absolute best to maintain our continuous movement towards providing our customers with the joy that comes from it.

This year we will continue to push ourselves to become one of the leading Korean companies in the U.S. by nourishing our souls with only the best we can possibly offer. We sincerely thank you for gathering around the table and sharing the joy our food brings.

Truly yours,
Il Yeon Kwon
Founder&CEO, Hmart