Yakitori / 닭꼬치

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Cheers and beers to this perfect beer Chicken on a Stick. HTC_닭꼬치_900_01 Ingredients (Serving 4) 1.5lb Chicken thigh 2steam Large Green onion 1tbsp Sake 1tsp minced ginger black pepper sauce : 2tbsp sugar, 5tbsp soy sauce, 5tbsp sake, 2tbsp corn syrup, 1tbsp ginger Optional : cherry tomatoes, bacon, asparagus HTC_닭꼬치_900_03 1. Cut the chicken thigh into bite sizes. Marinate them with 1tbsp sake, 1tsp ginger and a pinch of black pepper. In the meanwhile, mix all the sauce ingredients. Set aside. HTC_닭꼬치_900_05 2. Cut the stems of green onion as the same size as chicken. Put chicken and green onion into a skewer. You can add other ingredients as well according to your taste! HTC_닭꼬치_900_07 HTC_닭꼬치_900_09 3. Grill skewers on a yakitori grill or a pan. Brush the sauce on both sides twice to get full flavors in. When the chicken is cooked to nice golden brown color, you are ready to party!
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