Three-way Bean Curd Sushi / 삼색 유부초밥

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Bean curd is sweet, soft, and juicy. How about mixing and matching with three different seasoned rice? Creative, cute, and nutritious!   삼색유부초밥900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 9 each) 1 bean curd kit (bean curd+ vinegar sauce+ dried flakes) 1 tuna can 1/3 cup broccoli 2 eggs 3 cups cooked rice Sea salt Tuna sauce: ½tbsp gochujang, 1/2tbsp corn syrup, 1tbsp sesame oil   삼색유부초밥900_03 1. We are going to prepare three different types of seasoned rice. First, drain tuna from a can. Mix with tuna sauce. Set aside. then bring large pot of water to boil. Put sea salt, and broccoli. Boil for around 5 minutes. Cool the broccoli down and chop finely.   삼색유부초밥900_05 2. The last one is with egg. Beat two eggs with little salt to taste. On medium-high pan, make scrambled eggs. Make the egg as small as possible.   삼색유부초밥900_07 3. In a large bowl, mix warm rice with vinegar sauce and dried flakes that came with the kit. Put vinegar sauce to your taste.   삼색유부초밥900_09 4. Divide the rice into three portions and mix with each ingredient you prepared earlier.   삼색유부초밥900_11 5. Drain bean curd. Put rice into each bean curd. If you make rice into a ball, it will be easier to fit into bean curds.   삼색유부초밥900_13 Enjoy!
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