Sweet Potato Cake / 고구마케이크

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The sweetest cake made with so sweet potatoes. This recipe takes the cake!  Enjoy your holidays with brand new dishes. KVD_고구마케잌_HTC_final_900_01Ingredients (serving size: 8pieces) Sponge Cake (cut into 3 layers) Whipped cream for icing Sweet potato filling: 5-6 medium size Asian sweet potatoes, 120ml heavy cream, 1/2cup milk, 3tbsp sugar, 2.5tbsp butter Sugar syrup: Boil 1-part sugar in 2 parts water   KVD_고구마케잌_HTC_final_900_03 1. In a pot, boil sweet potatoes with water until they are completely soft. Cover with lid. Peel and mash sweet potatoes when they are still hot!   KVD_고구마케잌_HTC_final_900_05 2. In another pot, add milk, heavy cream, sugar and butter. Boil until butter melts. Add mashed sweet potatoes and mix well.   KVD_고구마케잌_HTC_final_900_07 3. Brush the syrup on the sponge cake, spread sweet potato filling and repeat until you cover the top with 1/3 of the sponge cake!   KVD_고구마케잌_HTC_final_900_09 KVD_고구마케잌_HTC_final_900_11 4. Ice the cake with whipped cream. Sift leftover sponge cake and coat on whipped cream. Garnish with thyme! Be creative with decorations. KVD_고구마케잌_HTC_final_900_13 Merry Christmas! Show off your skills with this easy homemade cake.   KVD_나가사키짬뽕_HTC_Final_900_12_02
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