Spicy Pork Back Ribs Stew / 매운등갈비찜

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Conquer this crazy hot summer with this crazier-spicy stew! You will feel satisfyingly cool after eating the dish. 매운등갈비찜900_01Ingredients (serving size: 2) 1.5lb Pork back ribs 1 potato ½ carrot 1 onion 1 scallion 5 garlic cloves 5 hot green peppers 1 ginger 2 dried chili peppers 3tbsp rice wine 10 black peppers 10 rice cakes Sauce : 2tbsp minced garlic, 6tbsp red pepper paste, 7tbsp soy sauce, 3tbsp mirin, 1tbsp sugar, 1tbsp corn syrup, ½tbsp sesame oil, pepper to taste   매운등갈비찜900_03 1. In a large pot, put cleaned pork back ribs, onion, scallion, chili peppers, garlic, ginger, rice wine, and black peppers. Over a medium-high heat, boil for 30 minutes with a closed lid.   매운등갈비찜900_05 2. In the meanwhile, make the crazy spicy sauce with the ingredients above.   매운등갈비찜900_07 3. Place the pork back ribs in a colander and save the meat stock. In a different pot, put pork back ribs, clean meat stock, and the sauce. Boil over a medium-low heat.   매운등갈비찜900_09 4. When the sauce gets boiled down to half, put potato, carrot, rice cake, and hot peppers. Put any of your other favorite.   매운등갈비찜900_11 5. Serve warm. Enjoy with a hot bowl of rice.   KVD로고
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