Mini Waffle Pancake / 미니와플 팬케이크

Gram-able brunch in no time! Open your little home café this weekend with this mini waffle pancake recipe!


Ingredients (serving 1-2)

1 Cup Pancake & Waffle Mix
1 Cup Milk
1 Egg
Butter or Cooking spray
Toppings: 1 scoop of ice cream, fruits (Strawberry Blueberry Banana), Whipped cream, Powdered sugar, Chocolate syrup or maple syrup


1. In a bowl, whisk pancake & waffle mix, milk and egg together. 


2. Heat up a waffle maker and grease with butter. Pour one scoop of batter on the center and bake until steaming stops.



3. Remove waffle pancake carefully from the waffle maker. Top with 1 scoop of Ice cream, fruits (strawberry, blueberry, banana). Sprinkle powdered sugar, serve with whipped cream on the side. Finally, drizzle with chocolate syrup or maple syrup! 


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