Hot Chocolate buns / 초코호빵

Sweeter than Korean winter street snacks Hoppang! Chocolate lovers rejoice!


Ingredients (serving 10)

2cups bread flour

2cups cake flour

1/2tbsp salt

1 2/3cup milk

2tbsp sugar

1tbsp cooking oil

0.7tbsp Instant dried yeast

1cup Dark chocolate

1/2 cup Condensed milk (substitute for honey)


1. Shift flour and salt using a sieve. Warm up milk and add yeast and sugar into it. Add the milk mixture into flour and mix it well. Add 1tbsp oil and knock the dough until it becomes a smooth round ball. Cover with plastic wrap and ferment dough for 30min in room temperature.


2. Divide the dough into 10 balls. Flatten the center and put chocolate and 1tsp of condensed milk. Close it pinching in edges. Cover them while making other ones.



3. Steam it for 15mins. Its a sweeter version of popular Korean street snack Hoppang! Enjoy chocolate lovers!

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