Grilled Short Rib Patty / 떡갈비

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A modern, easy way for you to cook authentic traditional Korean Short Rib Patties! Enjoy tender, chewy, and savory patties. They are authentic, yet easy to make. Try today! 떡갈비900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 20 each) 2lbs Ground beef 20 short rice cake 4tbsp Minced pine nut 3tbsp Minced scallion 6tbsp Soy sauce 6tbsp Sugar 6tbsp Sweet rice flour 3tbsp Minced garlic 2tbsp Sesame oil 1tbsp Sesame seeds Sauce: 3tbsp water, 3tbsp soy sauce, 3tbsp honey, 1tsp sesame oil Garnish: Minced pine nut, Minced scallion   떡갈비900_03 1. In a large bowl, mix ground beef and sauce ingredients. Knead the meat for 10 minutes to get slightly sticky consistency.   떡갈비900_05 2. Make the meat into oval shapes. Coat the rice cake gently with sweet rice flour, and wrap the rice cake with the meat.   떡갈비900_07 3. Mix all the sauce ingredients above.   떡갈비900_09 4. Put the patties on medium-high heat pan, brush the sauce on all sides of the patties.   떡갈비900_11 떡갈비900_13 5. When the patties turn to darker brown, garnish with minced pine nut and minced scallion. Serve immediately.   KVD로고
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