Dukbokki in 4ways / 4색떡볶이

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Rice cakes get reinvented in more colorful & flavorful ways! 4색떡볶이_cs4_01 Ingredients (Serving size : 2 each) 1cup Rice cakes Several kinds of Fish cakes Cooking oil *Make the sauce first following steps below according to your taste. Spicy: Mix 2tbsp hot pepper paste, 2tbsp red pepper powder, 1tbsp soy sauce, 1tbsp minced garlic, 1tsp sugar,1tsp sesame oil and 1/2cup of hot water. Creamy: You can just use 2cups pasta cream sauce! Curry: Boil 1cup of water, add some curry sauce mix. Boil it 5minutes more after the mix completely melts. Soy Sauce: Mix 3tbsp soy sauce, 3tbsp honey and 1tbsp sesame oil.   4색떡볶이_cs4_03 1. Pour 3tbsp cooking oil and 1cup of rice cake on a medium heat pan. Stir-fry them until outside gets crispy, inside soft. Make sure your rice cakes don’t stick on the pan.   4색떡볶이_cs4_05 2. Add some fish cakes, onion and… as you like! We recommend ingredients for each sauce like below. Spicy: scallion, boiled egg Creamy: chopped bell pepper, bacon, sliced garlic, shrimp or mushroom Curry: chopped bell peppers, carrot Soy sauce: scallion, red & green pepper   4색떡볶이_cs4_07 3. A minutes after adding all ingredients, pour the sauce. Stir-fry it 5minutes more to get all flavors combined.   4색떡볶이_cs4_09 4. Garnish with some sesame seeds, baby leaves or parsley flakes. Serve immediately. It’s easy and simple. Give it a try your favorite color or flavor and enjoy the chewy goodness!   비빔밥_web_17  
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