Cute bear sweet rice cake (Songpyeon) / 캐릭터 오픈송편

Teddy bear Korean traditional holiday treats for hugs from everyone in the family.

Ingredients (6-8ea)
3cups short grain rice powder (Ssalgaru)
1cup sweet rice flour
1tsp Salt
1.5cup Hot water
1/2 cup +2tbsp Sesame seeds
5tbsp Corn syrup
Chocolate pen
Sesame oil

1. Combine short grain rice powder, sweet rice flour and salt in a bowl, using a fine mesh strainer to mix. Add hot water little by little and knead enough until the dough doesn’t break easily. Cover with a wet towel and set aside. (Adjust the hot water amount depending on the dryness of the short grain rice powder)

2. Crush half cup of sesame seeds using a molcajete or a roller. Put them in a pan with 2tbsp sesame seeds and corn syrup. Stir fry over low heat until it becomes one thick mixture. Cool down and make small round balls.

3. Make 1-1.5 inch balls with dough in your hand. Slightly press down the center to form a little bowl with your fingers. If it starts to crack too much, dip your finger in the water bowl and add a little more water to the dough. Make smaller balls and longer shape for ears and arms! 

4. Place sesame seed filling in the center of rice cake. Attach ears and arms.

5. Steam for 20 minutes in a steamer.

6. Draw ears and face with a chocolate pen. (If it’s too sticky, rinse in cold water first) when chocolate got dried enough, coat with sesame oil. There we go, you made Korean traditional holiday food even cuter! 

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