Crunchy balloon bread / 공갈빵

Taste buds go up, up and away! Enjoy every bite of crunchy balloons filled with melted sweet syrup!

Ingredients (serving 10-12ea)

1pkg(400g) hotteok mix (with dried yeast and sugar filling)

215ml warm water

Black sesame seeds

1. Shift hotteok mix into a mixing bowl and add dried yeast from the package. Start pouring warm water little by little and mix the batter with a spatula. When it becomes to one dough, start knocking the dough until batter doesn’t stick to your hands. On the other hand, shift sugar mix using a small sieve, get rid of bigger chunks of nuts and only use fine sugar part. 

2. Divide the dough into 10-12 balls. Sprinkle some flour on the cutting board. Take one ball and press the center and make it into a 4-inch disk. Add 1 tsp of sugar filling in the center. Lift up the edges of the disc and pinch, then seal them together. 

3. Gently flatten and roll the little dough with your rolling pin. Turn it over and keep rolling little by little, preventing from tearing the surface. Sprinkle some flour as needed. Repeat with the rest of the dough balls.

4. Bake them at 380F/200C for 15 minutes until they are browned and becomes like balloons. Brush milk in the center and sprinkle some black sesame seeds. The sugar inside is super hot, so cool it down a bit before you serve! 

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