Char Siu Rice Bowl / 차슈덮밥

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Making char siu looks hard, but it’s basically putting everything together and boiling. Make it tonight’s dinner! 차슈덮밥900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 2) 1lb pork belly 2stems white part of green onion 1 onion 8 cloves garlic 2cups of cooked rice Salt & pepper Sauce: 3cups water, 1cup soy sauce, 1/2cup sugar, 1cup mirin Garnish: chopped scallion   차슈덮밥900_03 1. Season the pork with salt and pepper on both sides. Then on a high-heat pan, place pork belly until all sides are extra crispy. They should be golden brown.   차슈덮밥900_05 2. In a large pot, put all the sauce ingredients, pork, green onion, onion, garlic. Boil for 1 hour over medium-high heat. When the sauce mixture is almost soaked into the pork, take it out from the pot and slice into bite sizes. Take rest of the ingredients from the sauce mixture out and simmer on low heat until it become thick.   차슈덮밥900_09 3. Stack warm rice> sliced char Siu> chopped scallion> sauce in a rice bowl.   차슈덮밥900_11 4. Mix well and take a spoonful bite immediately.   KVD로고
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