Black Bean Sauce Fried Rice / 짜장볶음밥

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Who can resist this sweet and tasty meal? Make it extra delish with lovely sunny side up! Perfect meal for your valentine's and your lovers. 짜장볶음밥900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 2) ½ Onion ½ Potato 1/4lb Ground pork 2cups Cooked rice ½Carrot 1 Egg 3tbsp cooking oil 2tbsp Black bean paste ½tbsp Sugar 1tbsp mirin Garnish: Chopped scallion   짜장볶음밥900_03 1. Heat 3tbsp cooking oil over a low-medium heat, stir-fry black bean paste and sugar for 40 seconds. 짜장볶음밥900_05 2. Add ground pork, potato, and mirin. When it’s half-way cooked, stir-fry onion and carrots as well.   짜장볶음밥900_07 3. Saute until everything is crisp tender. Mix cooked rice thoroughly.   짜장볶음밥900_09 4. Place heart-shaped sunny side up to brighten up the fried rice.   짜장볶음밥900_11 Perfect meal for your valentine's and your lovers! Happy Valentine's day!   KVD로고
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