Valentine’s day fortune cookies / 발렌타인데이 포춘쿠키

Love is in your future. Share it. Make these cutest fortune cookies for your bae!


Ingredients (20ea)

90g Egg whites

72g Powdered sugar

1g Salt

45g Cake flour

63g Melted butter

1/4tsp Vanilla extract

Food coloring (red/pink/green)

20 Message papers


1. Whisk egg whites until you see bubbles. Add powdered sugar and salt. Mix. Add flour, melted butter and vanilla extract. Once you mix them up, the batter is done!


2. Divide the batter into three bowls. Add a tip of red, pink and red+pink food coloring in each bowl. If there’s any left batter, mix tiny amount of green food coloring. Put some of red and pink batters into pipping bags.   


3. Scoop one scoop of the batter and draw a round circle on a baking sheet. Draw heart or strawberries or anything you want! Bake them at 150ºC/300ºF for 6-10 minutes. As soon as taking cookies out from the oven, fold them in half and slowly bend it on the top a cup. Let it cool.


4. Make your own fortune messages and put them in the cookies! There we are! It’s an ultimate valentine’s gift! Exact measurements are essential to this recipe.

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