4Ways to upgrade your grilled cheese / 그릴드치즈샌드위치

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Grilled cheese sandwich can get more flavorful, without the work. Here, we upgrade your grilled cheese sandwich with our pre-marinated meats! 그릴드치즈샌드위치900_01 Ingredients (Serving size: each sandwich) 2slices white bread cheeses (your favorite type & flavor) 4/1cup butter Kimchi & Bacon: kimchi, bacon Korean BBQ: onion, galbi (marinated beef short ribs) Bulgogi: bell pepper, bulgogi Spicy chicken: baby spinach, spicy chicken *Make sure your butter, bread and cheese is room temperature. 그릴드치즈샌드위치900_03 1. We used pre-marinated meat from Hmart. Choose your favorite topping from above, cook them ahead. Don’t use more than 1tsp of oil for each cooking! • Kimchi & Bacon: Grill 2-3 lines of bacon and set aside. Add 1/2cup sliced kimchi, stir-fry it for 5minutes. • Korean BBQ: Sauté 1/2cup Julienned onion, set aside. Grill about 1/2 pound galbi over medium heat for 5-10minutes. • Bulgogi: Sauté 1/2 of bell pepper, set aside. Stir-fry 1cup bulgogi until it’s not watery anymore. • Spicy chicken: Grill 1cup of marinated spicy chicken, pull them with a fork.   그릴드치즈샌드위치900_05 2. Thinly spread both side of each bread slice with butter. Bring them to grill over medium heat. When you can see the top is melting, flip it.   그릴드치즈샌드위치900_07 3. Sprinkle 1/2cup of shredded cheese or put two slices of cheese on the top of both slices (or one), then topping. When the cheese is about halfway melted, use a spatula to flip one slice over on top of the other, and press lightly to melt.   그릴드치즈샌드위치900_09 The galbi and bulgogi is so juicy and soft. It takes your mouth to heaven with gooey cheese and crusty bread. The spiciness of chicken and kimchi also goes so well with cheesy sandwich! This is the ultimate comfort food for Korean food lovers!   비빔밥_web_17
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