H Mart Orlando Tenants Wanted!

Don’t miss the chance of a great success with H Mart! America’s No.1 Asian Supermarket Chain is coming soon to Orlando, FL. The best one-stop shop for everything Asian and more has a total area of more than 183,000 sq. ft. and is located in the center of Florida! We’re currently looking for tenants who will grow and succeed alongside us. Apply today!

Store address: 7501 W Colonial Drive, Orlando, FL 32818

Success points

  - First! A Guaranteed customers’ Influx to the plaza!

  - Second! A one-stop shopping mall!

  - Third! Excellent location! Convenience in traffic! In the core of everything!

Available Spots for Tenants

Food Court, Bakery, Fashion Boutique, Office, Cosmetics store, Pharmacy, Clinic, CPA Office, Kids Cafe, Bank, Korean BBQ, and more.

Plan for Tenants

  - Expected Opening Date: 2022

  - Tenant Selection Process: Application submission needed. If selected, additional contract signing will be processed.

  - How to apply: Apply through email me@hmart.com



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