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Korean Authentic

  1. Easy Bulgogi / 불고기

    Easy Bulgogi / 불고기

    Bulgogi is a staple for the Korean holidays so for this year’s Korean Thanksgiving, we’re showing you how to whip up the easiest bulgogi dish! Fill up the house with aromas of beef, scallions, carrots, onions, red peppers and even enoki mushrooms as they make an appearance at the dinner table.
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  2. Acorn Jelly / 도토리묵

    Acorn Jelly / 도토리묵

    A low-calorie Korean side dish made from acorn powder pairs well with almost anything you put on the dinner table. Its earthy flavors are complimented with a soy sauce-based mixture and its jiggly texture is one you’ll crave days later.
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  3. Janchi-guksu (Korean Noodle Soup) / 잔치 국수

    Janchi-guksu (Korean Noodle Soup) / 잔치 국수

    Janchi Guksu may be well known as “festivity noodles” but that doesn’t mean we can’t make ourselves a bowl right this second. Try this Korean Noodle Soup topped with staple Korean ingredients and thank us later.
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  4. Homemade Red Bean Bingsu / 홈메이드 팥빙수

    Homemade Red Bean Bingsu / 홈메이드 팥빙수

    Have you ever wondered how to prep and make your own red bean bingsu at home? Well, you’ve come to the right place. Make yours from scratch and cool down the summer heat with a homemade Korean shaved ice recipe! We top ours with injeolmi rice cakes, walnuts and ice cream but the possibilities for yours are endless.
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  5. Radish Kimchi Fried Rice / 깍두기 볶음밥

    Radish Kimchi Fried Rice / 깍두기 볶음밥

    You may have heard of and tried kimchi fried rice but have you ever made yourself the RADISH kimchi fried rice?! Incorporate the kkakdugi into your meals and take advantage of this subtly sweet banchan. The kkakdugi, cheese and beef mix together well to give this dish a familiar yet distinctive taste.
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  6. Fresh Kimchi Salad / 배추 겉절이

    Fresh Kimchi Salad / 배추 겉절이

    Kimchi Salad recipe passed down from generation to generation, Chef Misoon Moon adds this fresh kimchi salad to her dinner table. Unfermented and available as soon as it’s made, it’s at times the only banchan you’ll ever need!
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  7. Lunar New Year's Rice Cake Soup / 떡국

    Lunar New Year's Rice Cake Soup / 떡국

    The most popular food to eat on Lunar New Year's Day is the Rice Cake Soup! Celebrating the fresh start of the new year, many families will gather around the table to enjoy this tradition. They'd also celebrate turning another year older! Did you know that Koreans age collectively on New Year's Day?
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  8. Meat Jun / 육전

    Meat Jun / 육전

    It’s time to start getting ready for the Lunar New Year! We have Chef Misoon Moon showing us how to prepare for the holiday. She introduces Meat Jun—the perfect accompaniment to the classic Rice Cake Soup, coming out next week!
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  9. Bajirak Kimchi Sujebi / 바지락 김치 수제비

    Bajirak Kimchi Sujebi / 바지락 김치 수제비

    Bringing together her love for seafood and kimchi, home cook Jennifer Kim shares with us her Bajirak Kimchi Sujebi! Bajirak, which translates to Little Neck Clams, is used to bring a refreshing taste to the typical kimchi sujebi dish.
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  10. Korean Spicy Pork / 제육볶음

    Korean Spicy Pork / 제육볶음

    A recipe that the whole family loves, no matter how spicy it gets. Try this Korean Spicy Pork and Somen Noodle combo!
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  11. Herb Boiled Pork / 허브 수육

    Herb Boiled Pork / 허브 수육

    Jasper Lee is back again and shows us how to make our favorite boiled pork at home! Steam with herbs, like rosemary, for a distinct taste.
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  12. Spicy Beef Radish Soup / 매운 소고기 무국

    Spicy Beef Radish Soup / 매운 소고기 무국

    Always “eating his feelings,” James introduces his hometown’s specialty, Spicy Beef Radish Soup. Reflecting Gyeongsang-do regional flavors and also his childhood memories, enjoy this refreshing bowl of soup with a side of your favorite banchans!
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  13. Pressure Cooker Bulgogi Japchae / 압력솥 불고기잡채

    Pressure Cooker Bulgogi Japchae / 압력솥 불고기잡채

    Not just for holidays—you can enjoy this dish as an everyday banchan!
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  14. Pressure Cooker Ginseng Chicken Soup / 압력솥 삼계탕

    Pressure Cooker Ginseng Chicken Soup / 압력솥 삼계탕

    Enjoy hot summer soup in September. Start your own Korean tradition, anytime!
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  15. Delicious Galbijjim / 갈비찜

    Delicious Galbijjim / 갈비찜

    You can never go wrong with a good galbijjim (stewed short ribs). Get inspired with the ingredients and use Asian pear as a natural sweetener instead!
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  16. Pork Kimchi Stew / 돼지 목살 김치찌개

    Pork Kimchi Stew / 돼지 목살 김치찌개

    Do you like food with “Seoul”? Then this must-try Kimchi Stew with Pork recipe is for you!
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  17. Memorial Day Grilled Bulgogi Skewer / 불고기 꼬치구이

    Memorial Day Grilled Bulgogi Skewer / 불고기 꼬치구이

    Bulgogi Reinvented! Try this recipe for bulgogi in a new and delicious way for your next BBQ!
    Read more »
  18. The Best Korean Barbecue You've Ever Tasted! / 꿀맛 보장 코리안 바베큐

    The Best Korean Barbecue You've Ever Tasted! / 꿀맛 보장 코리안 바베큐

    Grandma approved! Family recipe is revealed. The best Korean BBQ with tangy and savory flavor explosion.
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  19. Bibimbap / 비빔밥

    Bibimbap / 비빔밥

    Korea's iconinc dish "bibimbap" is well known for a healthy, delicious and easy meal to make! This recipe is bibimbap in a ston bowl, which will help you to have warm dish and crispy rice at the bottom!
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  20. Indoor BBQ / 실내 바베큐

    Indoor BBQ / 실내 바베큐

    We made Korean BBQ with pork belly. It's one of the most popular choices for the grill and when complimented by other ingredients, there's nothing quite like it! Highly recommended!
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  21. Japchae / 잡채

    Japchae / 잡채

    With plenty of noodles and variety of ingredients, Japchae is considered a prime menu that makes your holiday dining table full and colorful. Fun to make, fun to share! Let’s learn how to make it.
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  22. Reignite your ramen / 라면

    Reignite your ramen / 라면

    Instant noodles are a staple of Korean's diets. Here's our 4ways to make addictive Korean ramen!
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  23. Korean egg bread / 계란빵

    Korean egg bread / 계란빵

    This egg bread is one of the famous street food in Korea. It's sweet and slightly salty, nutritious and even great looking. And of course super tasty!
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  24. Shabu Shabu / 샤브샤브

    Shabu Shabu / 샤브샤브

    You can create the feeling of dining out by eating shabu shabu at home! Not only is it simple to make, benefit from consuming valuable nutrition using fresh ingredients. Let’s get started!
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  25. Drunken spicy chicken wings / 닭강정

    Drunken spicy chicken wings / 닭강정

    You've probably had chicken wings before, but Korean chicken wings are insanely addictive, sweet, spicy and crispiest ever!
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  26. Kimbap / 김밥

    Kimbap / 김밥

    4 easy kimbaps. We'll show you some of our favorite ways of kimbap to enjoy it. Or you can create your own as well!
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  27. Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) / 삼계탕

    Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) / 삼계탕

    In Korea, we have a tradition. Believe it or not our culture eats ginseng chicken soup on the three hottest days of a year. It basically makes your body hot inside and cools your skin. The soup boosts up your body energy with ginseng, garlic, jujubes and…all love.
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  28. Omurice / 오므라이스

    Omurice / 오므라이스

    Need new idea for homemade brunch? We present you... omelette rice, Omurice!
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  29. Spicy Korean ribs / 고추장등갈비

    Spicy Korean ribs / 고추장등갈비

    These ribs are broiled until tender, then grilled with Korean sweet-spicy sauce. That's it! Super simple and finger-licking delicious.
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  30. Pork katsu bowl / 돈까스덮밥

    Pork katsu bowl / 돈까스덮밥

    This dish is originally from Japan, yet so popular in Korea. The sauce is savory & sweet, pork cutlet is crispy and egg is tender. Make it for real, right now.
    Read more »
  31. Kimchi stew with pork / 돼지고기 김치찌개

    Kimchi stew with pork / 돼지고기 김치찌개

    Kimchi stew is absolutely Lorena's No.1 national dish. It’s because every Korean has Kimchi in their fridge, it's very comforting and everyone loves it. There are many kinds of Kimchi stew, but with pork, is the most popular to enjoy it. Are you ready to learn how to make it, it's so easy.
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  32. Korean army stew / 부대찌개

    Korean army stew / 부대찌개

    This stew is invented by leftover ingredients from US army in Korea. They transformed leftover spam, sausages, beans into an amazing spicy, savory and addictive stew using Korean condiments! Isn’t it brilliant?
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  33. Beef short rib stew / 갈비찜

    Beef short rib stew / 갈비찜

    This stew is such a special dish in Korea. We usually eat it for celebrations, birthdays or holidays, and especially, on Korean thanksgiving, called ‘Chuseok’. Enjoy this delicious new idea with your guests. We guarantee you that everyone will love it!
    Read more »
  34. Korean pork wraps / 보쌈

    Korean pork wraps / 보쌈

    Koreans love to eat their meat with green leaf wraps. This recipe, we will boil pork belly until it’s super tender and juicy, then eat with crunch & savory radish kimchi in fresh green leave wraps. The radish kimchi goes perfect with this meat. Have your own wraps with our recipe, and you’re welcome!
    Read more »
  35. Korean Taiyaki / 붕어빵

    Korean Taiyaki / 붕어빵

    This is one of the most popular Korean street dishes. Enjoy this soft and sweet that's easy to make, hard to forget!
    Read more »
  36. Yummy Korean tempura / 모듬튀김

    Yummy Korean tempura / 모듬튀김

    It’s an all-time favorite Korean street food. So crunchy, sweet and savory. You can easily make these at home! Come follow us!
    Read more »
  37. Grilled Short Rib Patty / 떡갈비

    Grilled Short Rib Patty / 떡갈비

    A modern, easy way for you to cook authentic traditional Korean Short Rib Patties! Enjoy tender, chewy, and savory patties. They are authentic, yet easy to make. Try today!
    Read more »
  38. Spicy Chicken Stew / 닭볶음탕

    Spicy Chicken Stew / 닭볶음탕

    Making stew looks hard, but it’s easy-peasy! It tastes extremely better with a bowl of rice.
    Read more »
  39. Spicy Fried Chicken Wings / 닭강정

    Spicy Fried Chicken Wings / 닭강정

    Treat yo’ self to the ultimate KFC (Korean Fried Chicken)! It’s crunchy, sweet, and irresistible. Finger lickin’ good.
    Read more »
  40. Korean Nori Spring Roll / 김말이

    Korean Nori Spring Roll / 김말이

    Korean Nori Spring roll is crunchy outside and chewy inside. It tastes even better when you dip it in some spicy dukboki. YUM!
    Read more »
  41. Choongmu Kimbap  / 충무김밥

    Choongmu Kimbap / 충무김밥

    Discover another delicious way to kimbap! Make this perfect combination today!
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  42. Grilled spicy Pork belly / 고추장 삼겹살 구이

    Grilled spicy Pork belly / 고추장 삼겹살 구이

    Delicious pork belly got even better with sweet and tangy gochujang sauce. Bring it to a party or to a dinner table, it will disappear before you know it.
    Read more »
  43. Seafood Cake Stick / 핫바

    Seafood Cake Stick / 핫바

    Seafood cake stick is one of the most beloved street foods in Korea. Treat yourself whenever, wherever you want with this easy homemade recipe!
    Read more »
  44. Spicy cold Kimchi Noodle / 김치비빔소면

    Spicy cold Kimchi Noodle / 김치비빔소면

    How to endure the hot, exhausting summer? A bowl of spicy kimchi noodle will save you.
    Read more »
  45. Spicy Cold Noodles / 비빔냉면

    Spicy Cold Noodles / 비빔냉면

    Cold noodles are famous in Korea especially during summer. How about adding some more heat to it? Spicy, sour, and cold… what a perfect combo for hot days!
    Read more »
  46. Spicy Pork Back Ribs Stew / 매운등갈비찜

    Spicy Pork Back Ribs Stew / 매운등갈비찜

    Conquer this crazy hot summer with this crazier-spicy stew! You will feel satisfyingly cool after eating the dish.
    Read more »
  47. Ramen-boki / 라볶이

    Ramen-boki / 라볶이

    Chewy rice cake meets everyone’s favorite, Ramen noodles. Ramen-boki will make you happy.
    Read more »
  48. Silken tofu stew / 순두부찌개

    Silken tofu stew / 순두부찌개

    Enjoy silky soft tofu with light and extra refreshing taste from seafood. One of the most famous stews in Korea, delicious and very comforting at the same time!
    Read more »
  49. Korean Potato Fritters / 감자전

    Korean Potato Fritters / 감자전

    Don’t make the easy recipe fool you. It’s too good; it will disappear before you know it.
    Read more »
  50. Marinated Grilled Short Ribs / LA갈비

    Marinated Grilled Short Ribs / LA갈비

    Happy thanksgiving, with delicious short ribs and joyful family gatherings!
    Read more »
  51. Spicy Crab Stew / 꽃게탕

    Spicy Crab Stew / 꽃게탕

    Wash your stress away with the stew. It’s undeniably delicious with whole crabs in.
    Read more »
  52. Clam Noodle Soup / 바지락 칼국수

    Clam Noodle Soup / 바지락 칼국수

    Hot and delicious comfort food made at home! Try this quick and easy recipe to warm you right away!
    Read more »
  53. Rice Cake Soup / 떡국

    Rice Cake Soup / 떡국

    Eating rice cake soup in the new year is a famous Korean tradition. Share our delicious recipe as you gather with friends and family.
    Read more »
  54. Cheesy pork cutlet / 치즈돈까스

    Cheesy pork cutlet / 치즈돈까스

    Pork cutlet and Cheese. Move over veal parmesan. This dish will have you coming back for more!
    Read more »
  55. Korean Mapo tofu / 마파두부

    Korean Mapo tofu / 마파두부

    protein packed tofu meets amazing sauce! Cut the carbs, not the flavor.
    Read more »
  56. Korean Curry Rice / 카레라이스

    Korean Curry Rice / 카레라이스

    Refresh tired curry in a hurry. And your friends and family will thank you.
    Read more »
  57. Spicy octopus stir-fry / 낙지볶음

    Spicy octopus stir-fry / 낙지볶음

    Savory octopus gets a spicy makeover, drenched with decadent sauce!
    Read more »
  58. Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup (Jjamppong) / 짬뽕

    Spicy Seafood Noodle Soup (Jjamppong) / 짬뽕

    Fight hot with even hotter food! Enjoy the hotness of rich and flavorful noodle soup, Jjamppong! 올해 여름 이열치열은 얼큰한 홈메이드 짬뽕 한그릇 어떠세요?
    Read more »
  59. Black bean noodles (Jajangmyeon) / 짜장면

    Black bean noodles (Jajangmyeon) / 짜장면

    Chewy noodles with savory Jajang sauce! The black bean flavor will dance in your tummy.
    Read more »
  60. Fish roe over rice / 알밥

    Fish roe over rice / 알밥

    Roe, roe, roe your rice bowl. Fish is easy to make, when you roe it.
    Read more »
  61. Korean spicy chicken dish / 닭갈비

    Korean spicy chicken dish / 닭갈비

    Chicken is juicy and soft, sauce is super addictive. And the best part of this dish...fried rice with the leftover sauce. Nom! Nom!
    Read more »