Korean army stew / 부대찌개

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This stew is invented by leftover ingredients from US army in Korea. They transformed leftover spam, sausages, beans into an amazing spicy, savory and addictive stew using Korean condiments! Isn’t it brilliant? 부대찌개900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 4) Broth : 1/5ea Korean radish, 5-10ea dried anchovy, 1-2ea kombu 1/2can Spam 2ea Sausages 1/4ea Onion 2tbsp Baked beans 2stems Scallion 2/3cup Ground beef Sauce : Korean hot pepper flakes 2tbsp, soy sauce 3tbsp, sugar1tsp, minced garlic1.5tbsp, mirin 1tbsp, water 2tbsp, a pinch of salt & pepper Beef marinate : sugar 1/2tbsp, soy sauce 1tbsp, minced garlic 1tsp, a pinch of black pepper Optional : rice cake, dumplings, cheese, hot peppers, ramen noodles, bean sprouts   부대찌개900_03 1. Bring 4 and 1/2cups water and broth ingredients to boil over medium heat, once it’s boiling, take kombu out, turn down the heat to medium-low, boil for another 10minutes.   부대찌개900_05 2. In the meantime, mix all sauce ingredients, and marinate the beef. Set them aside.   부대찌개900_07 3. Cut sausages, spam and veggies into bite size.   부대찌개900_09 4. In a shallow pot, place everything beside ramen noodles. Pour the broth, when its boiling, add ramen. Once noodles get soft, it’s time to enjoy!   비빔밥_web_17  
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