Kimchi stew with pork / 돼지고기 김치찌개

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Kimchi stew is absolutely Lorena's No.1 national dish. It’s because every Korean has Kimchi in their fridge, it's very comforting and everyone loves it. There are many kinds of Kimchi stew, but with pork, is the most popular to enjoy it. Are you ready to learn how to make it, it's so easy.   김치찌개_900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 2) 5onces Pork Shoulder 2cups Kimchi 1TBSP Hot pepper flakes 1TBSP Minced garlic ½ea Onion, sliced Black pepper Scallion Chili peppers Optional: cooked rice, instant ramen noodles   김치찌개_900_03 1. Cut pork and kimchi into cubes or small pieces (separately). In a pot, add 1TBSP of cooking oil and pork. Sauté them for 2minutes. Add garlic and crushed pepper, keep stirring.   김치찌개_900_05 2. Add onion, kimchi and red pepper flakes, sauté them with pork oil. Remember, if you want to cook kimchi with oil, pork oil is the best!   김치찌개_900_07 3. When kimchi has nice oily color, add 2cups water. You can add half cup of kimchi juice as well.   김치찌개_900_09 4. When the soup has reduced in half, add 2cups of water again. Add some chopped scallion and chili peppers. A small gesture, that makes the soup taste better. Save some for garnish too.   김치찌개_900_11 5. Let it boil for 5-10minutes. Serve with a bowl of warm rice.   김치찌개_900_13 6. Once you enjoyed the kimchi, pork and soup with rice, it’s time for ramen! Bring the leftover soup to boil, add ramen noodles, boil it until noodles get soft. It’s optional,but strongly recommended. It may be the best ramen in your life!   비빔밥_web_17
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