Kimchi Bacon Pancake / 베이컨 김치전

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Looking for a perfect late night snacks? Delicious, crunchy, and super easy… Don’t miss out! 김치전900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 3 each) 1.5cup Kimchi 1 1/4 cup Korean unsweet pancake mix 1/5cup water 1 strip Bacon 1tbsp cooking oil Garnish : chopped scallion   김치전900_03 1. In a large bowl, Combine pancake mix and water.  Add Kimchi and mix with a whisk.   김치전900_05 2. Heat your fry-pan to medium-high heat with cooking oil. Take a scoop of the mixture with your soup ladle. Nicely pour it and spread to a circle.   김치전900_07 3. Place bacon on the top. Flip when the edges are firmed and bottom is golden brown.   김치전900_09 4. Press down using a spatula until cooked. Garnish with chopped scallion.   김치전900_11 5. Enjoy by itself or with soy sauce. Serve warm.   KVD로고
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