Ginseng chicken soup (Samgyetang) / 삼계탕

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In Korea, we have a tradition. Believe it or not our culture eats ginseng chicken soup on the three hottest days of a year. It basically makes your body hot inside and cools your skin. The soup boosts up your body energy with ginseng, garlic, jujubes and… all love. 삼계탕-900_01 Ingredients (Serving size: 1) 1 cornish game hen 5 cloves garlic 1-2 ginseng 3tbsp sweet rice 3 dried jujubes 1 chestnut 1 stem scallion Dipping sauce: 1tsp salt, 1/2tsp pepper, 1/2tsp sesame seeds   삼계탕-900_03 1. Soak the sweet rice in cold water for 30minutes first. Then clean the chicken! Remove the giblets and thick fat from the hens and rinse them.   삼계탕-900_05 2. Stuff the hen with 1 ginseng, 1 jujube, 3-5 garlic cloves, 1 chestnut and 3tbsp sweet rice or you can simply use “Ginseng Chicken Soup (Sam Gye Tang) Prep. Pack. It contains all the stuffing & soup ingredients you need.   삼계탕-900_07 3. Place the hen into a large pot, add 4cups of water, ½ stem of scallion and leftover stuffing ingredients. Cover with lid, cook over medium heat for 30minutes, and turn down the heat to low-medium for another 40minutes until the chicken, ginseng, and rice turn soft. In the meantime, make a dipping sauce.   삼계탕-900_09 4. You can serve it in just a large bowl, but opt for a stoneware or earthenware pot to make it look authentic and keep it hot. Heat the pot first, and add the chicken and soup, boil it until when it sizzles. Chop left ½ stem scallion and use it as garnish. Serve with the dipping sauce.   삼계탕-900_11 After you eat this, you will feel fresh and energized especially when the weather is too hot and sucks your energy. Give this hot Korean tradition a try to cool your summer nights.   비빔밥_web_17
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