Bulgogi quesadilla / 불고기퀘사디아

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Quesadilla is a near-perfect food, so is Bulgogi. But what if the two came together to form one flawless meal of deliciousness? 불고기퀘사디아900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 3-4ea) 6-8ea tortilla 1lb ground beef 2ea your favorite color of bell pepper 1ea onion 1/2cup Bulgogi marinate sauce (can be found at Korean grocery stores) 2tbsp chopped scallion Cooking oil Pizza cheese   불고기퀘사디아900_03 1. Place ground beef in a mixing bowl, add bulgogi marinate sauce and chopped scallion. Set aside.   불고기퀘사디아900_05 2. Saute up onion and bell pepper over mid-high heat, on the same pan, cook beef until it turns nice brown.   불고기퀘사디아900_07 3. Heat up a grill pan to medium heat, place a large tortilla, put veggies, meat and pizza cheese. When the cheese melts, cover it with another tortilla. Press them and flip over. Once both side of tortilla are crispy, take them out and cut into 4 pieces. And it’s done!   불고기퀘사디아900_09 Ko-Mex will never let you down!   KVD로고
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