Bibim bingsu / 비빔빙수

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Have you tried bibimbap? What about bingsu? What if you can eat them at the same time? Looks delish, taste awesome. 비빔빙수900_01 Ingredients (serving size: 3) 1 freezer zipper bag 2cups milk 4tbsp condensed milk Gelatin (white, yellow) Fruit of your choice Strawberry gochujang: 2tbsp strawberry jam, 1tbsp condensed milk   비빔빙수900_03 1. In a freezer zipper bag, put milk and condensed milk. Mix well with a spoon. Press the air out gently before closing the lid. Lay flat to freeze, it will be easier to break later. Freeze at least 3 hours to overnight.   비빔빙수900_05 2. Let’s make egg that goes on top of the bingsu. The white gelatin is for egg white, and yellow is for egg yolk. Follow directions on colored gelatin package or use milk and orange for color. Make sure to make white gelatin flat, yellow gelatin into yolk-shaped ball using a small bowl.   비빔빙수900_07 3. When the milk mixture is frozen, gently break them into small pieces using a dough roller. Break until you get fine texture.   비빔빙수900_09 비빔빙수900_11 4. Fill a cold bowl with the milk mixture and top with your favorite choices of fruit. Decorate like you make bibimbap. We used kiwi, pineapple, raspberry, grapes, and blueberry. Then complete your bibim bingsu with your gelatin egg. Combine “yolk” on top of the “egg white”.   비빔빙수900_13 비빔빙수900_15 5. Drizzle strawberry gochujang before you dig in. you can enjoy with sweet red bean paste and sweet rice cake as well.   KVD로고
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