Mixed Sweet Bell Peppers 4 Colors 16oz(454g)



Orange / Red / Green / Yellow

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Product Name Mixed Sweet Bell Peppers 4 Colors 16oz(454g)
SKU 884051040013
Country of Manufacture Canada
Brand Lakeside
Net Wt. 16oz(454g)
Ingredients N/A
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Mixed Sweet Bell Peppers 4 Colors


1 Orange - Mexico
1 Red - Canada
1 Yellow - Mexico
1 Green - Canada

Crisp and colorful, Lakesides Bell Peppers add brilliance to any meal.
Each with a subtle flavor difference, Lakesides Sweet Bell Peppers come in red, yellow, orange and green with unsurpassed quality, appearance, flavor and shelf life.

For a burst of beautiful color and mildly sweet crunch, look no further than this rainbow pepper pack. We love adding this colorful collection of bell peppers to salad, soup and stir-fry. Theyre also super tasty raw and make pulling together a last-minute crudité platter a snap!
Use small bell peppers for chopping and dicing. Large bell peppers work best for stuffing, roasting and slicing.

Check out amazing salad recipe offered by Lakeside Produce:

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