Jayoon Shampoo - Oily Scalp



Oriental Hair Science

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Product Name Jayoon Shampoo - Oily Scalp
SKU 880105115992
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Brand Reen
Net Wt. 500ml
Ingredients N/A
Nutrition Facts N/A

Product Description

ReEn Jayoon Shampoo - Oily Scalp

Secret hair recipe with Korean medicine from the Royal palace that treats the root for the luxuriant hair.

ReEn, the secret hair recipe with Korean medicine for beautiful luxuriant hair.
ReEn is derived from the word "oriental", combining the word Re (meaning "again") and En (meaning "enable"), with a meaning of restoring and energizing the unbalanced hair to its original condition with luxuriant and healthy hair.

ReEn is the first oriental hair care brand for the mass market that provides Asians' luxuriant and healthy hair that the world dream of.



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