Bibigo Seaweed Soup 17.6oz(500g)



Korean Style Seaweed Soup / Microwave-safe

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Product Name Bibigo Seaweed Soup 17.6oz(500g)
SKU 80717671114
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Brand CJ
Net Wt. 17.6oz(500g)
Ingredients N/A
Nutrition Facts N/A

Product Description

CJ Bibigo Seaweed Soup 17.6oz(500g)

- Using Korean seaweed and roasted with sesame oil for smooth flavour.
- Additives(D-consumptol, artificial sweeteners (aspartame), and glucono-delta lactone (GDL)) are not contained like homemade food. - Microwave heating of 5 minutes (700W standard) will easily complete the food.
- Storage at room temperature is possible.



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