Hatban Cooked White Rice Box 7.4oz(210g) 12 Ea



Fresh Cooked Rice Box - 12ea

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Product Name Hatban Cooked White Rice Box 7.4oz(210g) 12 Ea
SKU 80717615051
Country of Manufacture South Korea
Brand CJ
Net Wt. 7.4oz(210g) 12개입
Ingredients Water, rice, glucono delta lactone(added for freshness)
Nutrition Facts N/A

Product Description

CJ Hatban Cooked White Rice Box 7.4oz(210g) 12 Pcs

Authentic Asian Rice Expert CJs Cooked Rice & Porridge is a high-quality rice dish thats amazingly quick and convenient to prepare. No water is needed. Simply place the package in the microwave and its ready in just 1.5 minutes. The sealed packaging ensures fresh-cooked flavor and distinct texture without added preservatives.

Serving Directions (2 ways)
1) Micorwave(700W): Peel back film at corner. Heat on high for 2 minutes and serve.
2) With Stove Top: Put unopened package in boilling water for 10 minutes. Remove the cover and serve.

* Caution
Contents are hot after heating, Handle with care.



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