Bul Cheese Noodles 3.91oz(111g) 4 Packs




Sweet Cheese meets Chili Pepper!

1. Put noodles into 600ml of boiling water for 3 mins and 30 secs

2. Pour most of the water out with approximately 7 tablespoons of water remaining in the pot, put in the liquid sauce and mix for 30 seconds on low heat

3. Turn off heat, put in flakes and mix well

4. Adding onions, shallots, garlic, hot pepper powder will make it taster

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Product Name Bul Cheese Noodles 3.91oz(111g) 4 Packs
SKU 64843610123
Country of Manufacture N/A
Brand Paldo
Net Wt. 3.91oz(111g) 4 Packs
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